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Scan N Cut Basics Course

Scan N Cut Basics free course for beginner cutting machine crafters

This Scan N Cut course covers the features of your cutting machine. It will step you through setting up your wifi, using the scanning features of your Scan N Cut, and much, much more.

The best news is that is currently FREE!

Canvas Workspace Course

Get Started With Canvas Workspace Course go from beginner to pro in easy steps

This Canvas Workspace course is ideal for beginners and intermediate crafters. It will help you go from beginner to pro in very easy steps and have fun along the way.

Advanced Canvas Workspace

Intermediate course Editing Nodes using Canvas Workspace for the Brother Scan N Cut cutting machine

A great Canvas Workspace course for intermediate users of Canvas Workspace. Learn how to create awesome projects from scratch. Once you know how to use the nodes properly you can make any shape or design that you want.

This course includes tips and tricks to work through those pesky error messages.


Cheat Sheets for the SDX Scan N Cut

Scan N Cut Cheat Sheets Mockup with all the icons deciphered

Cheat Sheets for Canvas Workspace

Canvas Workspace Cheat Sheets with both the online and offline versions covered.
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