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A Guide To Free SVG Files

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Are you looking for a guide to free SVG files? I know I have spent many hours pouring (umm…drooling) over beautiful SVG files, being especially excited if they were free.

The good news is there are HEAPS of sites that give away their SVG files for FREE. Unbelievable really. People are so generous with sharing their knowledge and SVG’s.

This post may contain some affiliate links for your convenience (which means if you make a purchase after clicking a link I may earn a small commission but it won’t cost you a penny more)!  Read my full disclosure policy.

If you simply want a one-page guide then download here.

I kept seeing queries from crafters asking where to locate these free SVG files and figured I would put a guide together to assist you.

Now, where do I start?


Learn Grow and Create With Sue

Well, of course, I am going to start with the free SVG files that I give away. Where else would I start! LOL. Now, I have to fess up that it doesn’t have as many as the next website in the list however I am adding to it continually. We will get there!

My Resource Library has easy to do .fcm and .svg patterns and projects which have been aimed at being user-friendly for beginners.

Scan N Cut owners – I recommend that you use the FCM files as these have been put together to make it as easy as possible for you.

Cricut owners – the SVG files are in the Resource Library for YOU!

The files are then able to resize in your preferred software or in your Scan N Cut to suit your needs.

Potential problems with SVG files

Before we go any further I would like to add a couple of tips when using other crafters files – free or otherwise.

Sizing of the files

  • The first thing to think about is sizing. Not all files can be resized. Altering the size may impact how the design cuts as fine cuts may be too fine and not cut well. The other issue is that some SVG files may not import into your cutting machine the correct size or the size that they were intended. Canvas Workspace will import the files and change them to fit the mat size that you have selected in the software and Design Space can add them BIG – really BIG.

Score or fold lines

  • Next, Scan N Cut crafters in particular – be aware that some files are designed with score lines which Canvas Workspace will see as CUT LINES. Often they are a blue color and are where the design has a folded area like boxes, cards, 3D designs etc

    You can alter these lines in most designs to be either a draw line which you can score manually or use a scoring tool in your Scan N Cut OR alter the line to a dashed line which can be cut and then folded.


Logo for JenniferMaker free SVG website

Jennifer “Maker” Marx is the founder of which is an amazing site for free SVG files. Jennifer is an avid Cricut user and an amazing designer. Her way of teaching is fun an altruistic and she is sooo generous with what she gives away for free. I am a HUGE fan of Jennifer!

Her site has many, many tutorials on how to make all sorts of projects and her Resource Library is very large, making it well worth a look. Jennifer also has a huge number of videos on YouTube to complement her website which she is actively growing.

The Cut Above Course is an affiliate link for your convenience (which means if you make a purchase after clicking a link I may earn a small commission but it won’t cost you a penny more)!  Read my full disclosure policy.

Jennifer’s “Cut Above Course” opens for enrollment periodically and is designed to teach you to create SVG files from scratch using either Inkscape or Adobe Illustrator. I completed this course and really loved working my way through it.

Cricut Maker is a great choice if you are after a Cricut. Are you struggling to decide which machine is for you? I have a guide to help you choose between a Scan N Cut or Cricut.


Logo for paperglitterglue and their Free SVG website

Lucy Foxworth is the founder of this site which is focused around little Putz houses. What are little Putz houses you ask? Well, they are the cutest little houses made from card-stock and have the most amazing finishes to them. Lucy’s little Fairy House, in particular, is really hard to believe that it is even paper at all!.

As you might expect, paperglitterglue has free SVG files or ‘templates’ so that you too can make these adorable houses.

Even if you are not that keen to make a Putz house yourself, head over and check her site out anyway. You will be AMAZED at what can be made out of paper!

Maggie Rose Design Co

Maggie’s site is beautiful and it gives you a warm feeling when you enter it.

I have collaborated with Maggie and used her cute Gnome design for a tutorial in Canvas Workspace which takes you through ALL the steps of finding and downloading the file and unzipping it. Then on to uploading it into Canvas Workspace and how to use the Layers Panel and finally making your Gnome with Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV)

There is a Resource Library on her website with various options to purchase for Commercial use OR use for FREE.

Special Heart Studio

Gjoa (pronounced Jo-ah) has a truly fabulous site full of gorgeous free files that you can download. My special favorites are the Alphabet Mandala’s which turn out so nice. I have seen many friends in our Scan N Cut ~ Let’s Create With Sue Facebook group produce masterpieces using Special Heart Studio free files.

This site is a fun site to wander through and enjoy…. with tutorials for many of the projects to help you create them.

SVG & Me

Logo for sVGandMe free SVG website

Erica Martin is the founder of this site and has a really nice selection of free SVG files to choose from. You join her membership to have access to them (not unlike most of the other sites)

SVG & Me also has had a course available, teaching beginners how to make SVG’s from scratch. While her course takes on quite a different format to the Cut Above Course it is still a fantastic learning tool. I did this course a few years ago and it teaches both Design Space and Inkscape. I still pop back into it from time to time to refresh my memory on how to do the odd thing.

Design Bundles

This is the next site I am adding to ” The Guide To Free SVG Files”. I have chosen this one next as I have enjoyed many, many free files (and also fonts from its sister site) from it which have been provided by many different and varied amazing designers.

Filled with a mixture of free SVG files, free mockups and free graphics the site also has an awesome amount of reasonably priced SVG’s as well. It offers bundles in regular sales that are full of fantastic designs. If you are into Mandala’s this could be the site for you as it has many (around 660 to choose from)!

Birds Cards

Logo for Birds Cards free SVG website

I found this site early on in my cutting machine journey and it has a huge amount of free SVG files, mainly geared towards cards and papercraft. There are some lovely files for sure.

The site has hundreds and hundreds and well worth a look and is basically it is set up as ONE BIG RESOURCE LIBRARY! It does have a few tutorials too.

The Dreaming Tree

Logo for The Dreaming Tree free SVG website

The site is also known as 3DSVG and it has some amazing files on it. Dreaming tree has a large number of free SVG files and also some free printables. We all love a free printable hey!


This site has some really lovely free SVG files AND it is one of the best sites that I have come across for being able to find what you are looking for as it is nicely indexed. Click the category and all the free SVG files in that category appear for you. Easy as hey!


Logo for the LoveSVG free SVG website

Well, you can’t go past the LoveSVG site. Particularly if you like signs and word type files. The LoveSVG has lots of free SVG files in the baby, kids, pets sections too. Worth taking a browse through this one!

Template Maker

My friend Tamra recently spotted this site and used the templates to make boxes for the Christmas gifts she was making. Funny thing was, it was a website that I have discovered about a year ago and had forgotten about. We were both very excited to find it.

The Template Maker website enables you to create a variety of boxes and edit the sizings to suit the project you are making. How cool is that!


I use this site a LOT. I like it for lots of the graphics and silhouettes however today, it is on the list for free SVG’s. It has plenty. All the files I have come across are free for both personal and commercial use.

However, a caution…. make sure you read the licence information, particularly if you plan to use any of the files for commercial purposes.

****Free files in PNG, JPG, BMP format can be converted to cut files for the Scan N Cut by using the Trace feature. This tutorial will show you on using the Trace feature.

Other cutting machine crafters can use the online conversion software that is available or software like SCAL5 or Inkscape to convert files into SVG cut files.


Free SVG files can be also found on this site. There is a large array to choose from and an even larger number to purchase.

Creative Market

I have included this site however this site seems to be mainly consisting of free fonts sooo….. leave it up to you. Personally, I am a bit of a font junkie so I love sites with free fonts but if you are looking particularly for FREE SVG files then check out some of the others listed first.

Creative Fabrica

Creative Fabrica has both free files and files that you can purchase. Like Creative Market and Design Bundles it is populated with various creators files and provides a lot of choices for you to make your special project.

A good site if you have happy to browse to find what you are looking for.

The Hungry Jpeg

Don’t you just love the name? It has great files too! HOWEVER, there are only limited numbers of free SVG files. The site has fonts, graphics, SVG’s, mockups and templates and releases a freebie of the week. This may OR may not be an SVG file.

Worth a wander though.

Printable Cuttable Creatables

Another site with a lot of free SVG files that you can download easily. Over 200 in fact – cool hey! Printable Cuttable Creatables has a large amount for sale as well and also some fonts.

Love their logo too!

Caluya Design

This site is one you need to highlight. It has some really great designs with a LOT of variety for you to choose from.

Monica’s Creative Room

This site is to die for… well, not really die however it has some super amazing designs and they are FREE. Things I loved were the gazebos and little houses section, the cupcakes wrappers, and the boxes. (I like boxes for some reason). There were more though so take a look.

Monica’s Creative Room is a Swedish site.

Miss Kate Cutables

Another nice site with lots of freebies and all look relatively easy ones to do.

Daily Dose of DIY

Daily Dose of DIY free SVG files website

Chris is a Cricut crafter and blogger with a free Resource Library attached to her site (much like many of the others on this page). While I have documented many and varied sites in this blog, I have a soft spot for the crafter bloggers who often do it tuff.

The crafter blogger makes all their own designs, spends hours putting them together and then many more hours testing them… all for the love of craft and a goal to assist and inspire others. While they may make a dollar or two through affiliate links or advertising to keep their site afloat, many are struggling artists.

I don’t know a lot about Chris apart from she writes very friendly emails. 🙂

And So Many More

Let’s move through the next group a bit quicker. The sites in the “Worth a Look” section I don’t know a great deal about however take a look and see what you can find in them.

I have put the entire list of websites below to make it easier for you.

AND… to make it even easier for you to keep track (cause I know how hard it is to remember all these addresses) I have created a ONE-page checklist with ALL the websites in this post.

I have included checkboxes on the sheet so that you can mark them off as you like them.

Top Picks

Worth a Look

And don’t forget, you can always do a search for free SVG images on google.

Hopefully, you find these sites useful.

Happy creating,

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Guide to free SVG files
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