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Course by Jennifer Maker so you can create your own SVG files that work with minimal fuss and bother. Create beautiful and cuttable designs.

Have YOU thought about creating your own SVG cut files for your cutting machine?

(Or maybe you’ve already tried, but just can’t seem to make it work?)

This will help!

Creating your own project files…….


Jennifer’s Cut Above SVG course shows you how to create SVG files that work with minimal fuss and bother, allowing you to create beautiful and cuttable designs without having to hunt through scores of other people’s files looking for the one that you have pictured that you would like to create.

Bring YOUR visions to life

Designing what you want – when you want it

Jennifer Makers easy to follow manner

How did I get here? Well, a few years ago I decided to invest in Jennifer Maker’s Cut Above course to pursue my passion for designing and to create designs for myself and my readers.

And I’m so really really pleased that I did. I loved this course.

I love how Jennifer shares her knowledge andI can’t even explain how much I enjoyed this course. Jennifer has such a knack for explaining how to do this in a really relaxing, easy-to-follow manner. She has just a way about her.”  

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Step-by-Step easy instructions

The Cut Above SVG Design Course is a step-by-step guide to create your own SVG cut files, how to prepare them to make amazing projects by grouping/ungrouping, attaching, and setting score lines. So basically, everything you need!

You can then use your designs for your personal projects, share them with friends and family, or perhaps even sell them to earn extra money!

While Jennifer owns a Cricut cutting machine, the good news is that her course works for ALL cutting machines, including Brother Scan N Cut and Silhouette.

I Highly Recommend Jennifer’s Courses

Want a little more information on what an SVG is? Have a quick read of my post about them here.

About Jennifer Maker

A course by Jennifer Maker
This is Jennifer Maker. She has such a delightful way of delivering information.

Jennifer Maker (Jennifer Marx) is a well-known creator of craft tutorials, designer of gorgeous cuttable projects, an award-winning graphic designer, and a bestselling author. She is also an engaging teacher who is able to provide clear, easy-to-follow instructions on whatever she teaches.

More about the Cut Above course

The CUT ABOVE SVG Design Course is full of actionable techniques and projects for you to make on your journey learning how to create beautiful and cuttable designs from scratch.

Just imagine…  

  • Wouldn’t it be wonderful to make designs you need for your project NOW.
  • How fantastic it will be when you see friends and family, or even a complete stranger create something from a design file you made yourself?
  • The exhilirating feeling when you sell one of your own designs and actually earn money!

This course by Jennifer Maker is a comprehensive and powerful course that includes 8 units and 50+ video lessons designed to get you results in much less time and with far less frustration than if you tried to figure it out on your own.

A glimpse of what is in Jennifer Maker’s course

Unit 1: Get Cut Out For It Installing Design Software

  • Choose the Best Design Software For You
  • How to Install and Set up Adobe Illustrator
  • How to Install and Set up Inkscape  

Unit 2: Make the Cut Creating Your First Design

  • Understanding Vectors
  • How to Make Lines
  • How to Make Basic Shapes (Circle, Square, Star, etc.)  

Unit 3: Cut a Fine Figure Making Complex Shapes

  • Understanding Nodes
  • Creating Any Shape
  • Creating Curved Lines

and there is so much more….

These are pictures of the first projects that I created when doing the Cut Above course a few years ago! Remember – I was new at creating files when I started too!

3D Mandala SVG for cutting with your Scan N Cut or Cricut cutting machine
Fairy Lantern SVG to make with your cutting machine, Scan N Cut or Cricut
Castle pop up card SVG file for your cutting machine Scan N Cut or Cricut

Now I create anything I visualize.

Jennifer has provided you a choice – Cut Above – Cut Above Gold or Cut Above Platinum.

Happy creating!

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  1. I just found svg made simple on you tube. Great directions. I really enjoy the teacher.

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