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A Little Bit About Me

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Hi, glad you have joined me. This page is designed to tell you a little bit about me.

First up, you have probably already worked out that my name is Sue and I am the founder of Create With Sue!

I have been trying to work out what else to tell you about about me but WOW…this is daunting, where do I start?

Well, I am a mum of four grown up kids (they will always be kids to me). The youngest is 22.


Yep, for sure! I have been creating various crafty projects for over 30 years. (I know….that sounds so long EEK). I have tackled all sorts of crafts from general sewing and making my kids clothing when they were growing up to pottery, ceramics, even lead lighting. If you can think of it… I have probably had a dabble in it.

Over the last few years my main focus has been embroidering all sorts of items and making various projects with my Brother Scan N Cut. I still play with other new crafty ventures as they come along as I love to learn but this site is primarily designed to inspire you with one of my main focus areas which is creating crafts using an electronic cutting machine.

I love my Brother Scan N Cut!

Brother Scan N Cut machine
Learn Scan N Cut

Now that leads me to the next passion of mine – Techie stuff

Yep, I am a bit of a tech nerd. I have worked in the Information Technology area for the last 25 years. Most of this time was enabling student learning in our South Australian TAFE college

Over the last few years I have had a very techie craft focus. You know the sorts of things, working out how to create craft and embroidery files from scratch and how use the functions on the various machines the best way. Acquiring knowledge on software like Brother’s Canvas Workspace, PE Design, SCAL5 and Inkscape. I have also played with the Cricut software … lots of different software.

This knowledge is where I can help you!

I have created tutorials, free templates and courses to make your creative journey as easy as possible for you. 

This entire website is designed for just you!

In addition to the website, the Scan N Cut – Let’s Create With Sue facebook group and Create With Sue page are to assist and inform you of new things as they happen. (and a bonus – first look at the new templates)


Plow your way through the site, I do hope that you find it useful and really enjoy using it.

Happy creating,

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2 thoughts on “A Little Bit About Me”

  1. I’m so glad I found you!! My husband bought me a scan n cut a year ago and I’ve not quite got the hang of it yet. It’s very frustrating. But now I expect I’ll be a wiz in no time. Thanks so much!!

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