What Is An SVG File?

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Do your eyes glaze over when people start talking about what seems like jibberish …svg files. What on earth are they! Well it is simple really – in the tech world files all have what is called and extension. SVG is a file extension and short for Scalable Vector Graphics. It is a graphic type file which can easily be re-sized or re-scaled without causing distortion or pixelation. (Basically with out wrecking it)


This is a fun file!

SVG file are fantastic to use for cutting files for electronic cutting machines like the Brother Scan N Cut, Cricut Maker and Explorer Air 2 or Cameo Silhouette to mention just a few of the main stream home/hobby crafting machines. I have a Scan N Cut but would love a Cricut Maker as well. Umm is that just plain greedy???

brother Scan N Cut resized

This is my Scan N Cut ~ I was super excited the day it arrived!

I LOVE these machines! They can help you create amazing projects in all types of materials. The only limitation is YOUR imagination. Err….and if you are bit concerned that imagination is lacking just look around…there is so much creativity out there and people who are happy to share their ideas.

Topic Please!

Now ~ back on topic. Personally I find SVG file’s are one of the handiest types files in the creative world. All the machines mentioned above have their own branded file extensions for example .fcm which can be used and created in the Brother Canvas Workspace software designed specifically for the Scan N Cut.

While they can all be self sufficient within their own software the really exciting thing is they can all use the SVG file extension too! This makes it so easy to purchase ready made SVG cutting files that you find online OR find software (there are lots of software programs) to create or edit to create your own amazingly creative projects.

Paper flower made from an svg file by Create With Sue
This beautiful paper flower was made from an SVG file and cut out on the Scan N Cut

Software I use includes Sure Cuts A Lot 5 (SCAL5), Inkscape, Canvas Workspace and Design Space. All enable you to upload SVG files, alter SVG files AND create from scratch files for your cutting machine.

If you want to read more information on software, check out my post that talks about software here.

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P.S. Think you might like to learn how to create your very own personalized SVG files for your cutting machine?

Check out Jennifer Maker’s free tutorials. I have more information on them here.

Jennifer also has the Cut Above Course which is open for enrollment usually a couple of times a year. I can highly recommend Jennifer and her courses. If you are interested check them out here.

The good news is if enrollment is closed then you are able to place your name on a waiting list.

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