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Tips for Buying a Second-Hand Scan N Cut Machine

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Are you looking for tips for buying a second-hand Brother Scan N Cut cutting machine? You are in the right place!

There are many things to check when purchasing a second-hand Scan N Cut. Key considerations include whether updates are available, the second-hand price compared to the new price, and whether the machine is in good working order. Read on for more essential tips on buying a Pre-Owned Scan N Cut Machine and what to look out for.

What to look for when buying a second-hand Scan N Cut!

It is vital to check some of the following suggestions. Some may or may not be relevant to you however knowledge is power so you will be able to go in armed 🙂


One of the first things to consider is the price at which the Scan N Cut is offered for sale. Prices will vary depending on your country, but the key concepts remain the same.

As time passes, all electronic equipment will decrease in value as newer models are released. Even brand-new machines that are superseded are often available at a cheaper price. This is normal.

Recently, I noticed a couple of second-hand Scan N Cut machines for sale at near-new prices. It is worthwhile knowing what the price for the newer models is. If the second-hand pricing is not a reasonable deal then you may be better off spending a few extra dollars (or pounds) on a brand-new Scan N Cut. Here is my tutorial on choosing a brand new Scan N Cut machine. The information is also relevant for purchasing second-hand machines.

second hand SDX2200D Scan N Cut

This second-hand Brother SDX2200D (AUD) is quite pricey! There are some added value items included however in this instance a new purchase would be a better choice.

Second hand Brother SDX1000 cutting machine

This is another example where you would be much better off purchasing brand new. Spotlight has had the Brother SDX1000 Scan N Cut brand new on special for $340 AUD.

Determining the right price for a second-hand Scan N Cut can be challenging for both the seller and the buyer. From the seller’s perspective, they may have spent a significant amount on the machine initially and might be expecting a higher price than is justified.

Getting a good price. As mentioned, if you pay too much for a second-hand machine you would be better off purchasing a new one. Make sure it is a bargain. Research the model you are looking at and check the model price of a brand new Scan N Cut. Also, research the pricing of other listed second-hand machines. If the model has not been discontinued it will be easier to gain a current price of a new machine.

Check whether the Scan N Cut is working correctly

This can be the difference between purchasing a bargain or buying a dud.

  • Ensure the machine is in good working order. Ideally, ask the seller to demonstrate the Scan N Cut in action.
  • Make sure it starts up and the screen functions properly.
  • Check that the mat loads correctly and the rollers pull the mat in evenly.
  • Inspect the electrical cords to ensure they are not damaged.
  • Ensure that all necessary accessories and tools are included and in good condition. As long as you receive a mat, blade holder, and blade, you will be able to use your new purchase. You can always add more tools.
  • Check the condition of the blades to see if they need replacement. These are fairly cheap so not a deal breaker if they are a little worn.
  • Ask about the previous usage history, including the frequency and type of projects it was used for. A heavily used machine may command a better discount.
  • Check if the machine is still under warranty and if it is transferable.
  • Ask if they have the user manual and any other documentation. This is just a “nice to have” as the manuals are readily available on the Brother website.

Are updates available?

Purchasing second-hand and possibly older Scan N Cut machines means dealing with older technology. The CM range is primarily discontinued in most (possibly all) countries, and Brother no longer produces regular updates for them. While there might be occasional security updates, this cannot be guaranteed.

On the other hand, purchasing an earlier SDX model is a better option as Brother continues to release regular updates for these machines. This includes both security updates and additional feature enhancements as needed.

Will the tools and accessories transfer over?

Many tools and accessories can be used once the machine is transferred. However, some features of special kits cannot be transferred because they can only be installed once. For example, the SDX Vinyl Blade holder and blade will still work perfectly well, but the included designs and features added to Canvas Workspace at the time of compiling this information will not transfer. Personally, I think Brother should allow a complete transfer of these tools so the new owner can benefit from the additional features. When purchasing, check the tools that are included.

De-register the machine

When purchasing a second-hand Scan N Cut ensure that the previous owner has de-registered the machine. This is very important as you may not be able to register it under your name until it has been de-registered from the original owner. If for some reason you have purchased a second-hand machine and the original owner is not able to de-register it, contact Brother support for assistance.

Hope this information has assisted you in your Scan N Cut journey.

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