Cover picture for the tutorial about the Brother Scan N Cut SDX1000 cutting machine. This is an Australian model.

Brother Scan N Cut SDX1000 – I bought another one!

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Are you wondering why I purchased a Brother SDX1000 Scan N Cut machine? I already have the older model CM900 Scan N Cut and also the fabulous Disney SDX2200D, so why would I purchase this one?

Well, for one, it was a GREAT buy! I can hardly believe the price I got it for. The Brother Scan N Cut SDX1000 model is lower priced however will do everything you need. It does not have quite the bells and whistles that my SDX2200D has however it also did not have the SDX2200D price tag to go with it either. There was a HUGE difference in price

And of course, the other reason to purchase was so I could share with you the benefits or restrictions of crafting with a lower-priced model.

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Scan N Cut SDX1000 unboxed with box project

The Brother SDX1000 is an Australian model, similar to the SDX1200 in the United States. I am not certain why Brother has chosen to have so many model names as it does make things a little confusing for everyone. Ah well!

I purchased my SDX1000 while it was on sale at Spotlight.

Here is my SDX1000 YouTube video – I have been very excited.

Will the SDX1000 do what I need?

For a long time, I have said that all models of the Scan N Cut will Cut, Draw and Scan… and this is true of the SDX1000 too. This machine will do everything my gorgeous Disney model will do.

Now this model is not newly released. It was released about the same time as my SDX2200D which now has the newer SDX2250D model available. So does that phase me? Nope, not in the least!

Will Brother release a newer model to replace this one at some point in the future? Quite possibly, however, this is the way of technology and does not concern me either. I cannot think of anything in the technology field that does not have new models constantly being released. Not phones, computers, automatic vacuums, nothing.

This SDX1000 model will do everything I need to do. I am super excited about purchasing it.

Create With Sue and the SDX1000 Scan N Cut still in its box.

SDX1000 features

There are a total of 682 designs and patterns in-built into the SDX1000. While this is not as many as in the higher-priced models, it is quite a lot. Plus, the free Brother Canvas Workspace, downloaded version allows you to use any fonts installed on your computer and has many free projects and designs. Need more designs? There are so many SVG cut files you can find either for free, purchase or design yourself.

Unless you are only ever using your Scan N Cut as a stand alone machine, then the number of fonts and patterns is not an issue at all.

A big bonus is that this low-priced model still has a 5-inch screen! I love the bigger sized screens so for me, this is a big, big tick.

My Unboxing Video of the SDX1000

What are the disadvantages of purchasing a lower-priced model Scan N Cut?

One disadvantage of purchasing a lower-priced model Scan N Cut is that they usually do not include as many accessories. For example, the SDX1000 comes with 1 standard tack mat, 1 black top blade holder and blade, a spatula and a stylus. This is all you need to get started and additional items can be purchased at a later date if you decide that you need them.

A bigger disadvantage for you could be the scanner. Yes, the SDX1000 scans up to 600 dpi however the Direct Cut and Scan to Data features appear to only scan at lower dpi. For me, this is not an issue at all.

To clarify, the SDX1000 still scans the mat at up to 600 dpi, just not necessarily when scanning using some scanning features.

Note: If your main purpose for purchasing a Scan N Cut machine is to scan shapes and patterns and then cut around them for embellishments on cards, this may not be the model for you. I plan to do some comparison testing at some stage.

Where to buy the SDX1000

While I purchased mine at Spotlight, I noticed they are selling on the website for the same discounted price. This model is also available on eBay and other venues. Note that this is not a model that sells through the sewing centres where Brother sewing and Scan N Cut machines are sold.

What is the benefit of purchasing through a sewing centre?

In most cases, sewing centres that stock Brother products have some knowledge of the various machines, models, and how they work. They often have a small stock of accessories and can order specific accessories for you. They can also assist you with any service and repairs that may be needed and probably a lot more.

When I rang Spotlight to check if they had the SDX1000 in stock, the girl (who was lovely) paused for a while, and then said “Is that a Brother product?”. When I answered yes, I heard the relief in her voice that she was on the right track and then she jumped into being able to look up whether they had stock.

What does this mean? Great price however don’t expect too much support from staff on how to use the machine.

Where to get support?

Where to find support and advice is a big question. When you are a new owner, how to operate the Scan N Cut and tips for using them is particularly important.

Brother does have websites set up for various countries around the world. Each website has manuals, pattern lists, information on accessories, software updates and pretty much everything you need to know on there. Sometimes a little hard to find however the info is there.

Plus, there is me! I have tutorials, videos, and projects galore, and I am continually adding to them.

The accessories can be purchased from sewing centres and other venues selling Scan N Cut accessories. This includes Spotlight, Amazon, eBay etc.

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I would love to see you there.

Please feel free to ask any questions that you need.

Happy creating

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