Do You Need a Die Cutter?

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Wondering whether you need a die cutter and an electronic cutting machine? Here are my reasons why I did.

The burning question

Do you need a die cutter?…. Well short answer is    Yes!       I know I did!

Really you say? You have a Scan N Cut electronic cutter and still needed a manual die cutter.


Here is how it came about……..

Excitedly bought my Scan N Cut a few years ago. Oh so much excitement when it arrived. Then I learn’t absolutely everything I possibly could about it. (this is lucky for you as I am trying to share all my learning curves with you guys to help you along)

With manic passion I absorbed information and tried all sorts of project. I suddenly had a passion for making cards. ME? REALLY? Normally I don’t even remember to go to the shop to buy a card and I am now producing personal masterpieces and taking orders for them!

My Scan N Cut does it all…beautifully!

But wait… the title of this is something about needing a manual one you say? YEP and  it started with wanting to emboss paper and cardstock. I researched and researched and then researched some more. (Drives my partner nuts)

What I discovered is that the Scan N Cut will accept an embossing tool in place of the cutting blade and it will emboss. The end result is quite nice and can be tailored to exactly how you want it in the design. Cost of the tool was moderate so that was fine BUT it was SOO slow!!! I wanted quick and snappy.

Then I had a lightening moment. I will compare the cost with a manual die cutter. So I researched and researched and researched again…you know the drill by now. I had narrowed it down based on cost and usability. I mean…I really only wanted it to emboss!

Browsing around at prices I noticed on sale was a Sizzix Big Shot foldaway. Price was only marginally dearer than the additional tool for the Scan N Cut so I decided to go and have a look. I should have said I decided to go an buy because once I saw it I wanted it …It looked so much fun. AND it had free bits with it – SOLD.

It is so easy to use AND bonus…it doesn’t take up much room either.

About the Big Shot

The Big Shot Foldaway came with 10 thinlit dies, 1 Bigz die, some cardstock and pieces of material. (the material is still sitting in the box). This was enough to get me hooked on not just embossing but a small amount of die cutting.  I have steered away from the big brand dies and embossing folders to a certain extent and mainly purchased online non branded dies and embossing folders. Upside of this is they are quite cheap and the downside is they take awhile to arrive. But hey….I have my Scan N Cut so I am in no hurry.

And so here I am “needing” a manual die cutter. Do I die cut with it? You bet! There are some intricate cuts that my Scan N Cut doesn’t always manage successfully.  Do I emboss? Yep, it does a great job and quick. To add to that, I have had a fun learning experience with it.

My guess is at some stage I will purchase a tool for the Scan N Cut (or make one, apparently you can use an embossing hand tool in the Universal Pen Holder). It is on my “to do” list. If you get to do it before I do drop me a line to let me know how you went.

Anyway I am off to do some more crafting.

Happy creating,

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