Exploding box to make with free template

Exploding Box For You To Make

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Is this one for you? It is the exploding box! Making an exploding box has endless possibilities AND I have a free template for you to start your creation.

I put this project together when I started thinking about Mother’s Day. Now what was I going to get for my very hard to buy for mum!

Well, she is very sentimental and LOVES my crafts, cards and anything I decide to make for her. She takes them around to her friends and basically shows them off to everyone. So the exploding box with family pictures in it comes to life.

Exploding box ideas

  1. I have included some little pockets for little notes or photos to be placed into. You can add more or easily alter the size.
  2. A friend even suggested if you made the boxes for kids you could put money into the pockets. Now wouldn’t they love THAT!
  3. Have fun with the colors. I used double sided card stock from a pack that co-ordinate throughout. That way you know that everything will fit together color wise nicely. (I am going to do another one in plainer pastel colors too. Can’t wait! )
  4. Add more pockets, even enlarge them if you like.
  5. Add a couple more layers… Comment below if you need instructions to do this and I will make sure I add them.

What Do I Need!

  • 5 pieces of 12″x 12″ different coloured card stock.
  • Download the free template.
  • Something to cut it out with. I used a Scan N Cut but whatever you have will work.
  • Glue.
  • Ribbon.
  • Items of your choice to put into the box.

Step 1 – Download

Once you have downloaded the template file unzip it so that you can access the files. If you need assistance with this check out these instructions.

Step 2 – Cutting

Upload the file named Exploding Box Base as your first file to cut. If you are using a Scan N Cut then make sure you select the .fcm files as these will make it much easier for you, otherwise select the .svg files.

If you are using a Cricut, go into your Layers side panel and find the score lines and check they are still set to either score or dashes…if not you may need to alter them.

Cut the base out. It will take up most of the 12″ x 12″ card stock and is the largest piece of the box.

And we are on our way!

Step 3 – Layers

Next up select the Exploding Box Layer 1 file and cut it out.

Steps 4, 5 and 6 – More Layers

Work through cutting out Layer 2, Layer 3 and then the lid. Ensure the card stock you have chosen looks great together and the lid and the base coloring’s match up nicely.

Note: Don’t throw away the little pieces that are cut out of the layers, they can be used as embellishments!

Let’s put it together!

Step 7 – Fold and Glue

I started with the lid however this is optional.

Fold all the edges where the score lines are down. You will have a nice square at the top.

Then fold the small tabs inwards.

Glue the first corner and ensure that the glue is holding together before you move onto the next corner or you may find the piece does not stay square and inline.

Exploding Box Lid folds
Note that the corner fold is tucked inwards. Glue one corner at a time to make sure it sits square and doesn’t move out of square.

Ok, now that step is done and we have a lid!

The completed lid will look like this on the inside.

Exploding Box lid inside view

Step 8 – Score Lines

Now for the base!

Fold the four score lines inwards on the base layer and double check that the lid sits well on the base.

All good? We can move on.

Step 9 – Check Layers

After you have folded Layer 1’s score lines inwards, align it on top of the base. Check that the box’s sides all still fold upright ok. This needs to be checked through out these next steps.

Once you are happy with it place glue in the centre panel ONLY and glue the two layers together ensuring they are aligned still. This can be checked at each edge.

Check again that all the sides fold up nicely still.

Exploding box ideas for embellishment.
I glued the cut out pieces from Layer 1 into the matching areas of the base. I hate wasting the interesting shapes that are cut out and this is a perfect use for these ones.
Exploding box ideas for embellishment.
A closer look!

Step 10 and 11 – Repeat

Repeat the above step with Layer 2 and Layer 3 making sue that they align in the middle and only placing glue in the centre panel. Check that all sides come up separately and still form the nice box shape.

Step 12 – Embellish

Ensure the lid fits the box nicely still. It should!

We can now add more embellishments. I also used the hearts that were cut out. Place them wherever you think they look great. It is fun choosing.

Add the pockets. When I cut mine out I used up some of the leftover card stock. I scanned in the left over material so I knew exactly where I could place them.

How to scan mat
This button is the one that scans the mat. You can see the two pockets on the screen. I will move them where they will fit after the mat has been scanned.
fit file to page
This picture is a little hard to see, sorry. If you look closely you will see the outline of the pockets. I flipped one of them to make them fit into the scrap piece.

CONGRATULATIONS you have made your exploding box!

Watch for the next tutorial being released soon.

Happy Creating,


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8 thoughts on “Exploding Box For You To Make”

  1. Christine Cameron

    I’m going to do this for my husband’s birthday card but only want to do a base and one layer. Would two matching 12×12 sheets for the base and lid and two co-ordingating 12×12 sheets be enough for this?

    1. Hi Christine, yes… you would get the lid out of one sheet and the box part out of the other. I hope that you enjoy making it. Sue x

  2. Peg Brown

    I am unable to download the template for the exploding box when I click on the link nothing happens

    1. Hi Peg, I have gone in and checked and it is downloading ok for me. The file will be in a zipped format and should download to your downloads folder or where ever you have set your downloads to go. Email me if you are still having trouble and I will reply and link the file for you. Sue 🙂

  3. thank you so much , had my machines for a while done a couple of cuts then never used them untill 3 nights ago best thing i ever did . just so excited by it all . just doing a banner for my 2 granddaughters communions x

  4. Hi Sue,
    I also can not download the exploding box. I clicked it but nothing happens

    greetings Harma

    1. Hi Harma, I have just checked the download and it is working for me. Are you clicking on the first blue link? If you are on a PC it should download into your downloads folder. If you are still having issues, please email me at [email protected] and I will send it to you. 🙂

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