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Easel Lattice Card

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This Easel Lattice card is really easy to make and a lot of fun. Included in this tutorial are instructions and the FREE SVG Easel Lattice Card template for you to use. While I have included the flower embellishments, you could add your own bling to the card.

You will love how easy it is to make this card – all you need is a few basic supplies that you may already have on hand. Plus, there are so many possibilities for customization with this design. Add your own flair and personality to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Follow the instructions below to get started on your very own Easel Lattice Card today!

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What do you need?

Download the Easel Lattice Card template

Head over to the Resource Library to download the Easel Lattice Card SVG template. When you download it you will find it is in a zipped format. If you need help with unzipping the file you will find a tutorial here for a PC.

Forgotten the password to the Library? – you will find it at the bottom of all my emails.

There are a few files in the download including an SVG folder for the Scan N Cut and a separate SVG folder for the Cricut.

The finished card size is designed to be 7 inches wide by 5 inches high.

Picture of the base layer of the Easel Lattice card and one smaller layer
Picture of embellishments and Easel card lattice front section.

Cut the card template out

As pictured, cut the various section out of the card colors of your choosing. I selected the blue floral patterned cardstock to accent the lattice however there are many options to choose from.

The parts of the Easel Lattice Card cut out ready to be put together.

Making your Easel card

This card is really very easy to put together. Here are the steps below.

Add the insert color

Add the insert to the inside of the base card. It will be slightly smaller than the main card for effect. For this, I used the patterned piece of card to provide an accent on the inside of the card

Insert using the patterned cut out as an accent on the inside of the card

Create the top layer

Attach the lattice layer to the matching-sized section of the card (patterned in my version).

Below shows a picture of the pieces of Easel Lattice Card with the lattice top layer glued to the pattered section underneath.

I only applied glue to the outside edge of the lattice piece and also in random spots of the lattice. An alternative could be adding more dimension by using double-sided foam tape. I chose not to do this as often less is more.

The fold has been made on the easel card base ready for the top section to be attached.

Pieces of the Easel Lattice Card showing the lattice top layer on the pattered section underneath plus the easel fold ready for the front section to be attached.

Attach the bottom half of the front lattice section to the folded bottom section of the base card. This will allow the front to flip up and lay down flat again as required.

Embellishing the card

Use double-sided tape to join the support shape and then add the second smaller section on top to make the area a little thicker. I used double-sided foam tape for added dimension to assist the easel card front section. This will provide support for the front of the card while it is in the easel position when opened.

Double-sided tape to join the support shape so that the easel card front section is supported when opened
Double-sided foam tape was used to add additional dimension

Adding the flower embellishments

Next, I added the flower embellishments. You can do these steps in the order that suits you best.

Flower embellishments pressed into shape with the end of a battery.

While you could add the flowers flat, I chose to create some dimension and bend them slightly. You will note there is a battery in the picture below.

Yep, I used that to create the shape. LOL. I looked around for a pen or similar and there was the battery. Perfect!

Originally I planned to color the inside section of the flowers with a yellow sharpie. Then, at the last minute, decided to cut yellow circles as the middle section for a bit more POP. I have added them to the SVG template for you although they are very easy to make directly on your cutting machine.

The pink flowers were cut from my favorite cardstock and the white is from some cheaper cardstock that cuts reasonably well and is great for testing as it is very inexpensive. The card does, however, often produce a raised edge where the Scan N Cut cuts.

If this happens to you, then the edge can be flattened with either the spatula that comes with the machine or the edge of a pair of scissors or a scraper.

Finishing the card

Place the flowers and leaf embellishment onto the front of the card. On the leaf section of the template, there are dashed lines included to form “veins” on the leaves. Fold these dashed areas to add shape to the leaves. I then used a green sharpie to accentuate the vein lines of the leaves.

The embellishments on the easel lattice card also showing a sharpie that I used to highlight the green leaves

The embellishments on the easel lattice card also showing the sharpie that I used to highlight the green leaves.

NOTE: This size sharpie will also fit into the Universal Pen Holder so that you can use it in your Scan N Cut for drawing directly onto the cardstock.

And the design is now finished.

Choose alternative embellishments for the front of the card to vary the look. There are lots of options.

Happy creating

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