Pop-Up Photo Frame Template

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Would you like to make this super cool pop-up photo frame? I have included a free template for you in my Resource Library. It is very easy and I have included a couple of options to make it your very own personalized collage of photos.

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What Do You Need?

Step 1 – Download the template

Download the pop-up photo frame template from the library. Upload into Canvas Workspace. Remove the wording on the template which is just a guide to let you know which piece is which and the “Family” template. These additional pieces will need to be cut out of a separate piece of card.

Canvas Workspace pop-up photo frame template layout on mat

Double check that the dash (score) lines are in the correct format. It is usually a good idea to group the main parts of the frame together so you don’t inadvertently move them.

TIP:- If you would prefer to have scored lines instead of dashed remove the vertical lines and add them after manually. Options also include turning them into draw lines and using a scoring tool in your universal pen holder.

Step 2 – Transfer to your Scan N Cut

Once you are happy with what you are transferring to your Scan N Cut send the main template and cut that out. Then send the square that indicates to cut out 20 of them.

NOTE: If you are planning to use the “Family” template you only need to cut 16 squares.

Step 3 – Duplicate shapes on the Scan N Cut

If you are not using a Scan N Cut then skip to Step 4!

Send the single square to your machine. There is an easy way to duplicate this square on your machine. Follow these steps. I am using a CM900 so you may have a slightly different view.

Scan N Cut - step 1 scan your card and upload your square. Select the EDIT icon circled.
Scan your card and upload your square. Select the ‘EDIT’ icon circled.
Scan N Cut - This is the next screen. Go to the icon circled with the arrows
This is the next screen. Go to the icon circled with the arrows
Scan N Cut - Add the number of squares that you would like to cut out.
Add the number of squares that you would like to cut out.
Scan N Cut - The new objects will cascade down your screen. Select Ok
The new objects will cascade down your screen. Select Ok
Scan N Cut - Icons will sort object on your mat to maximize your materials.
On the left-hand side, you will see an icon like the one circled. Click it and it will take you to this screen These icons will sort your objects and maximize the use of your materials automatically. HOW COOL!
Select the bottom icon.
Scan N Cut - Select OK to accept the sorted objects.
How cool is this!
Select OK to accept the sorted objects.
Scan N Cut -the 3 square icon will be active.
You will return to this screen and the 3 square icon will be active. Click on that icon.
Scan N Cut - Click icon on the right to select all icons.
It will take you back to this screen Click on the icon on the right which will select all the objects on your mat. Once all are selected click OK
Scan N Cut - The  WELD and GROUP icons are now active.
The WELD and GROUP icons are now active. Click the circled group icon.
Scan N Cut - group all squares.
Now your squares are in one group and can be easily moved around the mat. NOTE: if these squares were cut now they would miss the top and the left side of the Cardstock.
Click ok once you are happy with the location and click OK until you back to where you select cut.

Step 4 – Selecting your photos

Photos – collect up your photos that you would like to put onto your frame. Use the photo template square to assist you with the size that you need. The frame will take a maximum of 20 photos. If you use the “family” template there will be 16 square free for photos. You could also place a cute pattern in some of the squares using the photo template and have fewer photos.

The photos can be the tricky bit. First I printed them out so they were on one sheet of paper and then contacted the front of them so they were sealed. I had no contact so I simply used clear transfer tape on the paper. It worked well for me but would depend on what type of transfer sheet you are using.

Once the photos had the contact on them I scanned them with the Scan N Cut and placed the template square over the outside edge of each photo. One problem was that I only zoomed to 200x and ended up a little off on some of them. If you try it this way – zoom to 400x if you have that option.

I ended up fixing them with an Exacto knife. You may find it easier to simply cut them using the template square with the Exacto knife.

Another tip would be to draw with a black sharpie on the outside of the photos and then scan and cut.

Step 5 – Finishing your photo frame

Once you have everything cut out you are ready to put it together. The frame itself can be folded in different ways so you can’t go wrong here. I folded two different ways and loved both.

Pop-up photo frame in progress.
This one I folded so the “family’ folded forward and the single squares popped out. Really you have so many options to make this your own.

Lay your card out flat to stick your various squares in place, lining them up carefully. I used double sided roller glue which gave me a little bit of ‘move’ room as I lined them up.

Step 6 – Place your photos

Next place your photos where you would like them to go on your pop-up photo frame. (still working with the frame flat). This part was fun picking and choosing where to place the various family members.

Pop-up Photo frame in progress
Lay your pop up photo frame flat to add your squares and photos

Step 7 – Finished pop-up photo frame

And we are finished! The pop-up photo frame can lay flat to send if you need to send it somewhere.

Finished pop-up photo frame folded
Folded flat
pop-up photo frame finished
Finished pop-up photo frame

I hope you have found this tutorial helpful. Don’t forget I have a facebook group if you haven’t already become a member. I would love for you to join for more helpful hints, tips, and projects.

Until next time,

Happy Creating.

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