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How To Clean Your Scan N Cut Scanner

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This post will show you how to clean the scanner glass on your Scan N Cut. There is a video if you prefer plus the step by step tutorial.

When do you need to clean your Scan N Cut scanner? Luckily, it isn’t that often however you will know when it is needed because you will notice unusual or unwanted marks when you scan something.

I knew mine needed cleaning when I made one of my posts. There was a dark line down the scanned area which indicates there is something on the scanner glass.

Scan N Cut scanner marks on glass
You can see the line down the scanned image that shouldn’t be there.

Let’s clean it!

Cleaning Your Scanner Video

Step 1

Unplug your Scan N Cut from the power and move it to where you have a bit of room to maneuver your machine. Remove your blade as well.

Step 2

Carefully pick up your machine and flip it over onto it’s back. You need to make sure that you hold onto the LED screen otherwise this may pop open and get damaged. Make sure that you lay it down carefully.

Step 3

Once you have your Scan N Cut laying over on its back, you will see a separate section underneath. On the right-hand side, there is a plastic tab that you squeeze together which will allow the section to be removed.

Scan N Cut Scanner glass cover to squeeze to open.

This is the scanner cover. Once you remove it you will be able to see the scanner glass.

Remove the cover.

Step 4

Only use lint-free material to clean your scanner glass. I used a microfibre cloth. DO NOT use a paper towel or anything that will leave ‘bits’ on the glass.

Dampen one corner of the cloth, make sure it is only damp and no wet. Wipe the Scan N Cut scanner glass gently with the damp cloth.

Scan N Cut scanner glass being cleaned with a damp micro fibre cloth

When you are happy with how clean it is dry the scanner glass with a dry area of your cloth.

Step 5

Put your Scan N Cut scanner cover back on to your machine. Note there is a little piece that slips into a slot.

Scan N Cut scanner cover being put back on the machine

Step 6

Flip your Scan N Cut back over carefully. Again, watch out for your LED screen as you flip it. Clean any other areas that may need a bit of a wipe.

And you are done!

Wasn’t that easy!

I hope that you found this tutorial useful.

Happy creating,

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4 thoughts on “How To Clean Your Scan N Cut Scanner”

  1. Thank you Sue. I read this before and remebered it when “something went wrong”. It wasn’t the glass – a piece of paper had torn off and got stuck over the glass. Following your instructions I managed to find the end of the paper and grab it with a pair of tweezers. All fixed! And now that’s another part of the machine that doesn’t intimidate me anymore.

    1. That is excellent news Janet. It is very easy for things to get stuck on the glass or just caught up in that area. I am so pleased to hear you sorted it out.

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