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Fun With Labels

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This is about fun with labels using your Scan N Cut or whichever cutting machine that you have.

Have you ever sat down and thought about labeling items? Lots and lots of things can be labeled.

My daughter recently asked me for a number of them to organize her cupboards throughout her home. (She seems to be going through a label fetish) And, I can’t blame her. I have it too!

Let’s see what we made

So in the last few weeks, she has requested labels for her :

  • Baskets in the wardrobe,
  • Hand made cleaning products,
  • Pull out baskets in the kitchen cupboards,
  • Containers in the pantry, – LOTS!
  • Baskets in the bathroom

The list goes on…..

And do you know what? They look FANTASTIC!!!

All types of labels made with the Scan N Cut for DIY tidy cupboards
One of the cupboards

How neat and tidy do these baskets make the cupboard look and the labels just make it so easy to locate stuff don’t they?

(she is still waiting on the bandage label….oops Mum fail!)

Labels on Cupboard containers with the Scan N cut
Another cupboard. I just love it!

These labels are so easy to do in your cutting machine software. Here is a short tutorial on adding and joining text in the downloaded version of Canvas Workspace.

Video Tutorial on adding and joining text

Don’t be too harsh on me, I had an attack of nerves through it. I will update it when the nerves get better LOL.

There are sooo many things that you can have fun labeling using permanent vinyl, removable vinyl OR Heat Transfer Vinyl. (HTV) (which you iron or heat press on to material).

Labeling wardrobe baskets with the Scan N Cut
In the wardrobe

The other day I heard of someone labeling their kids socks. (obviously having issues keeping socks with the right owner LOL)
I just have issues with the washing machine eating one sock out of a pair.

Father of the Bride HTV label on sock in the fun with labels

Talking about labeling socks….. These socks are done with HTV so that the Father of the Bride remembered who he was...
(just kidding! My niece made these ones for my brother!)

Horse buckets labeled in the post fun with labels

Even horses can have fun with labels (although I think they are actually responding to the fact the buckets have food in them)

Labeled detergent bottle in the post make your own labels

Not the best photo but you get the idea.

This is homemade detergent. Tanya and I have both been working towards less packaging wastage in our general lives.
So homemade it is!
(I have a tutorial on this as well and more being added)

Anyway, just a few ideas for you. Have fun labeling your projects. I would love to see what you do and don’t forget to place a comment below or post it to my Facebook page.

Until next time,

Happy Creating

Create With Sue sign off

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2 thoughts on “Fun With Labels”

  1. Such cute ideas for labeling. You’re inspiring me to get a machine so I can organize and label everything.

    1. Thanks Debbie, there are so many things that can be labeled. Such fun! That is only a small proportion of what you can do with the cutting machines. I am posting constantly so keep watching for more ideas 🙂

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