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How to update Canvas Workspace

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This is a short tutorial on how to update Canvas Workspace, downloaded version.

Why is it short??

That is because it is really easy to do and so once you have done it once you will have no trouble with future updates.

I am going to go over the basics of software updates….might be a bit boring. Being in IT for 20 years, it is a bit of a passion and I figured if you understand why you do something it makes it much easier to actually do it.

If it is too boring skip to the lower half of the post.

What does update Canvas Workspace mean

Software developers give their software a formal name eg: Canvas Workspace and also a version number. This helps them and us to keep track of which version of the software is installed and whether an update is installed or required.

They usually start with Version 1.1 and work their way up the numbering system. 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 you get the idea. Version 1.0 of any software is a very new release which is not always the one that you want.

When they have a major release, they then change the numbering format to Version 2.1, 2.2 etc. The x.1 and x.2 refer to the minor updates.

Why do we need to update Canvas Workspace

Basically it is progression. Things that impact various software packages are many. They include

  • Another piece of software does an update. This means that to maintain compatibility other software developers then need to make changes to their software so that it continues to work.
  • Add new features. This is a cool reason to update software and often adds fun new features to the software package.
  • Errors and anomalies were found. This is not such a great reason as it usually means that the software is not working as well as it should.
  • Vulnerabilities have been identified. Vulnerabilities are basically security issues or potential breaches to the software. These updates are VERY important and can be classified as critical updates. They need to be done asap.
  • General improvement of functionality. Another excellent reason to need to update your software.

The new release of Canvas Workspace Version 2.3 has some fun new features which look super cool. Especially the new curved text feature which will be a huge improvement for us.

Whoohoo Fun! Fun!

When do you want to update Canvas Workspace

It is always wise to wait a short period after the release of any software to see if there are any issues with it. A few days is usually enough for them to pick up any unforeseen anomalies. Developers do loads and loads of testing however they are unable to foresee every possible issue.

They do a great job so we don’t want to bag them. It is just about being a little cautious.

How do we actually do the update

I have put together a really quick video for you which is super simple. As I mentioned earlier, once you have found where to do it and updated once, you will find it a breeze the next time.

Here is the video

I hope you found it helpful. While you are in that area, check out some of the other helpful tutorials and videos that Brother provides.

I look forward to sharing more designs, tips, and step by steps with you soon.

Happy creating,

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How to update Canvas Workspace tutorial

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