Add an SVG to Canvas Workspace (online)

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Hi again! Welcome.

Are you keen to use your Brother Scan N Cut? Need a little assistance on how to make the most of the Canvas Workspace online version software?

This is for you!

This post is a “how to” showing how to open Brother Canvas Workspace and add an SVG or FCM file into Canvas Workspace (online version).  Wondering what an SVG file is then go to my post explaining it.

Step 1.

First of all open Canvas Workspace. If you  haven’t got it bookmarked then type into your browser’s address bar and it will take you to the site.

Note* There is a download button giving you the option to download Canvas to your PC or Laptop. This session we are logging onto the online version.

Step 2.

You will be prompted to enter your login details and password in the lower half of the screen. If you have a mental blank ( I often do with passwords in particular ) you can request Brother to send you your username or reset your password.

The screen will open to the fabulous FREE projects that are available for you to use. There are heaps!! They usually have a PDF with step by step instructions that you can follow and most have a video tutorial for you as well. You are able to download the free files required to complete the project.

Looking at the top of the page you will note a number of tabs. One of which is for your personal projects that you have saved. One the top left hand side of the page is the new project icon. Click on this and it will take you into Canvas and you will be ready to create your project.

A Quick Video

Watch the video on how to open Canvas Workspace online if you prefer visual learning. I often prefer it.

Tip : When watching videos on how to work through a project it often helps to actually do each step of the video with it. If you need pause the video until you have mastered it. If you have any trouble keep rewinding the video until you have achieved that step.

Remember: while you are learning you don’t HAVE to actually complete the project. It is beneficial just to practice using the software.

Whoohoo! We are off and running! Well done.

Step 3.

At this stage you should have Canvas open with a new project ready to go. Next we are going to add a SVG file to your project.

You will see a number of options on the main task bar. Take a moment to open them up and have a bit of a snoop. Don’t feel nervous – you can’t break anything!

Next click on the 4th icon along that looks like a page with SVG written on it. A upload box will appear and you can click on ‘choose file’. Locate the file you are after on your device for the project you are going to work on and select it. Remember you can only upload a SVG or FCM file so you need to look for one of these extensions.

Example: mandela5.svg

Select ‘OK’ and your file will be inserted into your blank project. From here there are a number of creative opportunities at your fingertips. While not the top of the range software to create designs Canvas has quite a bit of functionality. You are able to add text, more shapes, additional files and a whole range of functions like flip, rotate, duplicate and resize.

Step 4.

In the video I have resized design and grouped grouped the design. Group you say? Yes, there is lots to learn. Files often have multiple sections to them. When you click around on the design you will see that there is a blue box around various sections. To group them all together you drag your mouse over the entire design so that it is highlighted and go up to ‘Edit’ in the menu bar and select ‘group’. This will link all the separate boxed sections together. Depending on what you are planning you can group them all or only some of them together.

Step 5.

Once you are happy with the design either save the design or download it.In the video below I have elected to download it straight to my Scan N Cut machine. If you choose to save it for later name your project in the first box on the menu bar. This will save it into ‘Your Project’ where you are able to access it at a later date.

Note: Online Canvas stores your project in the cloud and NOT on your device. There is the option to install and use PC based Canvas Workspace which will store the files directly on your PC/Laptop.

Here is the video on uploading.


I hope you have enjoyed this ‘how to’ session. I would love some feedback. You can either write a comment below or email me on [email protected] . I would love to hear from you.

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I would love to help you on your journey.

Happy creating,

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4 thoughts on “Add an SVG to Canvas Workspace (online)”

  1. Marsha Bushur

    Hi Sue, I just ran across your site. It looks like a good one.I bought a cricut Explorer Air2 and just now got it out of the box. Ive had it for 2 years. Then I got a scan and cut for Christmas last year. I did take it out of the box but have so musc to learn on both machines. I am hoping to take advantage of the lessons you have to offer . I am very Thankful people like you share your information with people like me, Thank you, Marsha Bushur

    1. Thank you Marsha, that is lovely to hear. I have a Facebook group if you haven’t already joined you are more than welcome to. I offer more assistance there as well.

  2. Hello Sue, thank you so much for the videos. It is so much easier when I can watch a video not much good with paper tutorials nothing seems to sink in. Hope you have a very Happy Christmas and New Year. xx

    1. Thank you very much Michele, I am pleased that you are finding the videos helpful. Wishing you and your family a very happy Christmas and New Year too. Christmas still seems like it is ages away. LOL. Have a good one!

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