Gift Box for Mum or Mom to make with your Scan N Cut or Cricut cutting machine

Make a Gift Box for Mum or Mom

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Make a gift box for Mum or Mom with your cutting machine- how cool is this! The gift box is so easy to make too AND comes with a FREE SVG file. While Mother is spelled exactly the same in most English-speaking countries, once abbreviated it varies. To fix that issue I have created both a Mum and a Mom version of the gift box. You can choose!

You can make it with your Scan N Cut or Cricut cutting machine. Files included are in CWPRJ, FCM and SVG format.

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What do you need

Head over to the Resource Library to download the file. It will download as a zipped file so you will need to unzip the file to view the individual files.

This is what they will look like during the unzip process.

You can find out more information on unzipping files on a PC here.

Mom and Mum gift box files on a PC ready to be unzipped using the Extract All tool

You can see the different file types and of course the Mum/Mom version in the picture above.

Scan N Cut Users

Upload into Canvas Workspace

Once your have unzipped the file you can import it into Canvas Workspace. I have included the CWPRJ file for you to use if you would like to make any changes to the file.

Choose “Open” in Canvas Workspace if you are bringing the CWPRJ file into Canvas Workspace.

******The CWPRJ file is ONLY to be used in the downloaded version of Canvas Workspace and cannot be added directly to your Scan N Cut or in the online version.

Find out more about using the CWPRJ files here

Main picture for the post "What is a CWPRJ file?"

To use the FCM file or SVG file go to “Import” file from computer to upload. My gift box cut file is 10.5cm high on the Canvas Workspace mat so check that the file imports the size you would like. The SVG version of the file will import slightly smaller.

To resize the gift box

When resizing any design ensure that you select ALL the objects of the file and resize all at once. This will ensure that all the objects maintain the same ration aspect and still fit together once you cut them out.

Video instructions for Canvas Workspace

If you are a video person and prefer watching instruction then here is a video showing bringing the gift box for mum or mom file into Canvas Workspace and sending it to your cutting machine to be cut out.

Steps for making the gift box

Once the Mom or Mum gift box has been cut out glue the contrasting insert piece onto the back of the box so that it covers the wording and the rose. If you are cutting multiple gift boxes you can use the spare area from one 12″x12″ to cut the backing insert on the other box. (does that make sense?) Obviously, they would need to be contrasting colors that suit each other but it is certainly an effective way of using all the cardstock.

I used a silver mirror card as the backing for the Mum gift box card pictured and loved how it turned out. This one is for MY Mum. Shhh don’t tell her yet.

Gift box Mum file cut our ready to make
Gift box file cut out with double sided tape ready to stick the sides together and make the box.

Glue the gift box

Above is the cutout file with the insert glued onto it using Tombow glue. I love how the Tombow glue applicator has both a very fine tip on one end of the glue and on the other end a thicker tip.

The second picture is with the double sided tape ready to glue the box together.

Make sure you get the glue right into the tips of the M’s and if you are doing the MOM version glue the O into place as pictured below.

The glue is still a bit damp in this pic. My advice is to wait for the insert to dry before you continue. Unfortunately, I hardly ever take my own advice and way too impatient to wait LOL.

Mom gift box with the O glued into the center and the Tombow glue

Make one side of the box starting from the bottom. Ensure that the base aligns correctly at the corner fold

Once you have the sides glued together give them a quick pinch and squeeze the fold lines inwards.

Once you have the sides glued together give them a quick pinch and squeeze the fold lines inwards. You can use your nail to press the crease precisely into the dashed lines.

Last step of your Mum or Mom gift box

Now that you have your box glued together all that remains is filling it with something special and tying a bow on the front.

As you can see I used a few options to tie the top of the gift box together. You can use anything that you have handy that matches the color scheme of the gift box. My favorite ended up being the Jute string.

Yep… the string gave me some great color choices and easy to tie and re-tie.

Jute string used for tying the Mom or Mum gift box. Makes an easy bow.

Finished Mom and Mum gift boxes

And we are done! What colors are you going to choose to do your gift box in? My favorite is the pink box with the silver mirror card insert. Look at it shimmer!

Mum and Mom gift boxes for you to put a special gift inside

Video instructions for Cricut Design Space

Here are the video instructions for using the Mum/Mom files in Design Space and cutting the file with your Cricut.

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Happy creating

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