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Fairy Light Jar

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Would you like to make your very own fairy light jar? It is very easy AND very inexpensive. They also make fabulous gifts!

This one has really cute fairies and a unicorn on it and as a bonus, I have included it in my Resource Library for you for free.

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What do you need..

  • Jar with a lid – can be either glass or plastic
  • Vinyl – color of your choice
  • Transfer sheet to apply the vinyl
  • LED lights
  • Cellophane or similar
  • Ribbon and bling as desired
  • Scan N Cut, Cricut or another cutting machine
  • Free template from the Resource Library or you can design your own

Step by step instructions

Step 1 – Get the file

Download the free template from the Resource Library and unzip it. If you need some guidance with this check here. Make any sizing adjustments to the design that you need to make sure it fits your jar.

Step 2 – Cutting the file

Send your fairy light jar design to your cutting machine. If you are using a Scan N Cut make sure you select half-cut or adjust your blade so that it only does a kiss cut.

Step 3 – Weeding

Weed your fairies and unicorn. If you need some guidance with weeding there is a tutorial to assist you.

Fairy light jar weeded design with fairies, unicorn and stars

You can see in the picture above that I have cut around each fairy and unicorn to separate them from one another. This makes it easier to weed (although these were very easy anyway)

Step 4 – What type of jar

Now we need a jar. I used an old Moccona coffee jar that I had been saving forever trying to work out what useful re-purposing it was meant for.

And this was it!

Moccona jar re-purposed for fairy light jar

After removing the coffee label and a quick clean with Methylated Spirits (or Isophryl Alcohol) the jar was perfect for my fairies.

Step 5 – Transfer project

The transfer sheet is now required to move the fairies from the backing paper to the jar. Now, the really cool thing about this project is that I used ONE square of transfer sheet for the entire fairy light jar. Yep..ONE.

One piece of transfer sheet for the entire fairy light jar

I also use very cheap transfer sheeting. This one came on a really huge roll from eBay (Aussie) and has lasted well and is doing a great job of transferring vinyl.

You can also use cheap contact from dollar stores. I have Cricut transfer sheet as well however I find it holds onto the vinyl strongly making it harder to transfer the design onto your project. Cricut is great if you have glitter vinyl as glitter often doesn’t stick to the transfer sheet very well.

Unicorn being transferred to the fairy light jar

Place your fairies and unicorn evenly around your fairy light jar.

Step 6 – Press your vinyl

Ensure that you press the vinyl on firmly to the jar. I found this really cheap squeegee tool that has made life so much easier to press vinyl.

Squeegee tool to press vinyl firmly

I am love, love, loving this tool.

My fairy light jar is round (yours is probably too) and I had an added bonus that the tool worked as a wedge to stop the jar from rolling while applied the vinyl. Then I used it to rub the transfer sheet with the non-felt side. After the transfer sheet was removed I used the felt side to press the vinyl down firmly.

It worked a treat as other tools that I have used have been a little harsh for the final rub.

Step 7 – What to fill it with

Time for the cellophane. In my stash, I could only find pink cellophane so I cut a section of that off and scrunched it up into the jar. It looked ok however I wasn’t super impressed.

Next, I placed the LED lights in the jar…

Be a little careful which LED lights you purchase. I ended up buying some from the cheap shop however I wished I had spent a little more money and bought the ones that have wires. The wired ones would have been so much easier to place in the jar strategically.

NOTE: Make sure that the LED lights meet your country’s electrical standards.

Fairy light jar with pink cellophane and lights

This is how it looked with the pink cellophane.

I ended up going out and getting clear cellophane and liked that effect much better.

Step 8 – Embellish!

I added a bow and some bling and I am planning to do a little more to the top of the jar to personalize it. Maybe an M for Matilda.

I would love to see how you choose to embellish your fairy light jar.

Finished fairy light jar for the post

Last but not least

When I was happy with how the fairy light jar looked I glued the control box to the underneath side of the jar’s lid. This seemed to be the most user-friendly place to put the control box.

LED control box stuck to the lid of the fairy light jar

Things I would change…

There are a couple of things I would do differently with this project. First up, careful where you glue the controller. I placed mine near the bow… not the best placement. Think about your embellishments before you glue it.

Next up is the LED lights … as I mentioned previously I would choose the firm wired style as they would make placement in the jar much easier. I ended up wrapping the lights around the cellophane to hold them in place for this project.

Finished fairy light jar

I hope that you have enjoyed this tutorial. Please join me again for future tutorials.

Happy creating,

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  1. Terry Truhn

    Love the Light up jars! The vinyl makes it Pop 😉🤗

    1. Great to hear, thank you! The one in the tutorial went to my granddaughter and she loves it. Thank you for the feedback. Sue

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