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Shaped House Card to Make – SVG

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This shaped house card was fun to make and I have a free SVG template included in my Resource Library so you can make one too.

Let’s look at what you need to make the house card and how to do it. The instructions include how to create this with Canvas Workspace (downloaded version) for the Scan N Cut.

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What do you need

Get the free house card template

Go to the Resource Library and download the file. The file is called House Card 2 and will need to be unzipped to be able to be used. If you need help unzipping the file check this tutorial for more information.

Import the file into Canvas Workspace

Once the file has been unzipped you can import it into Canvas Workspace. It will look like the picture below. If you need a tutorial on how to import an SVG file check here.

Pieces of the house card to cut and make with your Scan N Cut.

Make some alterations before you cut

If you are planning to use the “home” sentiment you need to alter the lettering from being a cut file to a drawing file. Go into the Layers panel and click on the cut icon next to each letter. A choice between cut and draw will drop-down. Choose the “Draw”. You will notice that the icon changes from a knife to a pen.

Canvas Workspace showing the shaped house card in the layers panel with the home lettering already altered to a draw file.

Above is Canvas Workspace showing the shaped house card in the layers panel with the home lettering already altered to a Draw file.

Note: the dashed line is set up for the fold line. You can alter this to a draw line if you would prefer to use a scoreboard or if you are in Design Space for Cricut, alter it to a scoreline.

Export the house file to your Scan N Cut

There are a number of ways to export your design to your Scan N Cut. You can send it all at once or you can use the Layers panel to export the pieces that you want to cut by using the “eye” icon to hide the objects you don’t want to export.

The Layers panel with some of the design hidden using the "eye" icon to hide them. Ready to be sent to the Scan N Cut via wifi.

The above picture is the Layers panel with some of the design hidden using the “eye” icon to hide them. Ready to be sent to the Scan N Cut via wifi. Note the eye is still showing alongside the shapes that are still on the mat.

Using scraps to create the house embellishments

One of the great features of the Scan N Cut is how to scan the mat and see where small leftover scraps of cardstock are placed on the mat and then you can ensure you place the shapes exactly where you want them on the materials.

If you need some guidance on this check out this tutorial on cutting multiple colors on one mat.

Let’s put the shaped house card together

These are the layers of the shaped house card in the order for you to put together.

The various layers of the shaped house card fo make.

I used a combination of glue and double-sided tape to put this card together. There are a few places in this design that would be hard to use double-sided tape. Around the windows for example. For the “home” sign, I used double-sided foam tape to add a little extra dimension.

All the pieces cut out

Below are all the pieces cut out. I used various colored cardstock AND used vellum for inside the window and door opening to give the effect of a frosted window.

TIP: If you have trouble getting your cardstock off of your mat, flip the mat over and gently bend the mat slightly, and peel the cardstock off. Also, a thinner scraping tool lifts easier than the plastic tool that comes with your Scan N Cut. I like this one.

Here are all the pieces of the house and card cut out ready to put together

TIP: If you have any raised edges you can flatten them with the edge of the spatula.

Building the layers of your card

This is the first two layers glued onto the shaped backing card. You can see it coming together already.

Shaped house card with the first two layers of the house glued onto the card.

Glue the vellum to the window and door

Add the vellum to the door and window on the backside of each. When gluing vellum, be careful where the glue spreads as even though the glue is clear or will dry clear, it will take away from the frosted appearance of the vellum.

Below is the window of the house card with the vellum attached at the backside of the window.

The window of the house card with the vellum attached at the back side of the window.

From here you continue to build up the house layers and add any embellishments that you find appealing.

Add the remaining embellishments

Tombow glue was used and it has a thin tip and fatter tip depending on what part of your project you are glueing.

I ended up creating a door handle by drawing it on with the Brother Scan N Cut pens, these are the same pens I used to write the wording “home”.

Picture showing the door handle drawn on to the front door of the house and the Brother Scan N Cut pens used to draw it.

3D Liquid Pearl drops are a great product to embellish various projects including this one. I used them for the centers of the flowers. You can create a small circle if you would rather use cardstock or use other alternatives like a small craft pom pom, diamonte, pearl etc. There are so many choices when it comes to embellishments. Even small buttons make a great option for flowers.

Pearl drops are a great product to embellish various projects including this one. I used them for the centers of the flowers.

Add your “home” sign to the top

The use of double-sided foam tape is great for creating a 3D effect and giving your projects added dimension. It comes in various widths and the one pictured is quite narrow. A very handy size to have.

I used this to add the “home” sign to the front of the house card.

double sided foam tape for adding 3D dimension to your projects

Have you thought of other options for the front of the house sign? I have! Think about who you are gifting the card to. You could add their family name, first name, a cool slogan, a well wish or congratulatory wish.

The home sign was created with the text tool and then by adding an offset to the wording. These can be done in Canvas Workspace or directly on your Scan N Cut.

Finished shaped house card with the home sign on the front and the flowers embellishing the frontage.

ahh, did you notice that my chimney is two-colored? All I did was cut two chimneys in complementary colors and basically layered them so that part of the second color shows. All these embellishments are optional.

I cannot wait to see how you make this card with your selection of embellishments and colors making it your own unique creation!

Do you like making houses?

Do you want to try making actual little houses? Or already love making them? I have a friend, Lucy Foxworth who has an ENTIRE site dedicated to creating small houses.

Now, Lucy is a Cricut crafter however her designs will work for your Scan N Cut or Cricut cutting machines. (probably for the Silhouette too however I don’t have one of them to test)

TIP: The main things to check when importing a file that may have been created and tested on a Cricut imports into your Scan N Cut the correct finished size and also the fold or score lines.

Here is a link to Lucy’s Paper Glitter Glue website for you if you would like to check out.

Now, don’t forget to come back and look around the rest of my site too. I have lots of tutorials for you to wander your way through.

Happy creating,

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  2. Hi Sue, i would love to make the card with Cricut design space but i cant transfer the svg into my working space.
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    1. Hi Nicole, thanks for letting me know. I have made some alterations to the file and sent them to you. The Resource Library will be updated shortly. Please let me know if you have any further problems with the file. 🙂 Thanks again Sue

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